Dahua Technology Announced an Epidemic Protection Solution

Dahua Technology released a protection solution against epidemics for retailers in order to improve security during pandemic.

After the outbreak of COVID-19 many countries introduced measures to deal with the pandemic and prevent potential infection – many commercial enterprises were closed and the movement of people in public places was restricted.

In response to challenges faced by the retail industry, Dahua Technology has released a solution to help retail stores maintain operational security and improve business performance during pandemic, as well as help increase ROI after resumption of activities.

With body temperature thermal imaging monitoring and customers flow control Dahua Retail’s AI-powered solution will slow the spread of the virus and create a safer shopping experience in stores.

Dahua Retail’s solution includes:

-Body temperature thermal control

Dahua thermal imaging camera allows high-precision body temperature monitoring to within ± 0.3 ℃. When installed at the entrances of supermarkets and shopping centers, the thermal imager will help retailers to track employees and customers with higher temperature.

-Customers flow control

For retailers wishing to restrict customers flow during the pandemic, Dahua Retail’s solution also includes a camera that uses AI technology to count the number of people entering the store in real time, helping to avoid crowds and thereby reduce the spread of the pandemic. When the number of customers exceeds the set value, the device sounds an alarm and the digital display reflects information on the reached maximum number of people inside the store. Other customers will be asked to wait their turn at the entrance. It also eliminates the need for additional staff to count customers in line, which will also help retailers reduce staff costs and improve management efficiency.

In addition to basic monitoring functions, Dahua Retail’s solution will also help retailers to better understand their customers and adjust business strategies through business intelligence functions based on such statistics as profiling and customer preferences, tracking the customers flow during the busy hours, weather and temperature impact on the number of clients, etc.

Dahua’s epidemic protection solution offers retail stores a long-term and effective solution to help keep them safe during a pandemic and further recovery. By combining many of the above features this solution is suitable for a wide range of retail businesses such as supermarkets, shopping centers, grocery stores, restaurants, casinos, pharmacies and other enterprises.

The list of Dahua equipment can be found here.