IDIS Announces Partnership with Deletron

IDIS, South Korea’s largest CCTV manufacturer, announces partnership with Deletron.

Deletron LLC will add IDIS solutions to its portfolio and will offer a number of new opportunities and technologies to its clients. The plug&play functionality integrated into the IDIS DirectIP simplifies solution systems deployment for installers and their further maintenance, therefore reducing end-user’s costs. It is worth noting that IDIS DirectIP allows to achieve the ultimate network security level and excludes unauthorized access to CCTV.

Established in 1997 IDIS has achieved the #1 manufacturer status in South Korea and is one of the top-5 global IP-CCTV equipment manufacturers. In addition to Seoul, the company has headquarters is located in England, as well as offices in the Netherlands, the USA, Russia and Southeast Asia.

IDIS’s main strategy is to achieve sustainable growth together with partners, performing the role of complex solutions provider. IDIS is working constantly to develop successful long-term partnerships with installers, integrators and distributors.